Dentist In St Albert

Dentist In St Albert

Do you need a new dentist in St. Albert? Dr. Harmeet Dhaliwal and Dr. Shewchuk at Green Grove Dental provide comprehensive oral care for the entire family. Our office staff is passionate about quality care and dental well-being. 

At Green Grove Dental, we believe that prevention is the first step to good oral health. Along with regular cleanings for children and adults, we provide patient education on better brushing and flossing techniques and possible beneficial lifestyle changes. Six-month cleanings and exams with once yearly x-rays are performed to find problems early, so we can offer solutions to head them off from becoming more significant problems. 

Why is Preventive Dentistry Important?

Oral health is associated with overall health. Some medical conditions produce adverse oral conditions. Diabetes is a disease where blood sugars are too high. The high blood sugars also raise the level of sugar in the saliva. A higher sugar level in the saliva increases the chances of extra plaque buildup on teeth, thus leading to more cavities. Maintaining Diabetes, the patient requires regular cleanings and a sound daily oral regimen to lower the chance of cavities. 

Diabetes can also cause a dry mouth. The lack of saliva prevents the mouth from cleansing the tongue and teeth regularly, which also encourages plaque and bacteria buildup. If you have a dry mouth, whether caused by diabetes or some other reason, bring it to our attention. We can offer solutions to the problem and keep an eye on your teeth for signs of excess plaque. 

Those are two complications inside the mouth that can be caused by just one disease. Imagine what other chronic illnesses can cause. When seeing a new dentist, in St. Albert or anywhere, a full medical history is obtained, and these complications are the reason why. Dr. Dhaliwal and Dr. Shewchuk need to know about all your past illnesses and your current medications to determine if there is anything that requires close observation. 

Do You Play Sports or Grind Your Teeth?

Strange questions, right? What do they have in common? Mouthguards. Contact sports put you at risk for oral damage in several aspects. We make custom sports guard for your mouth to provide extra protection to your teeth and gums while playing sports. 

If you have jaw pain and worn-down teeth, you may be grinding your teeth, especially when you sleep. This grinding can damage your teeth to the point of breaking or losing some of them. We make custom nightguard to give patients a comfortable way to protect their teeth while sleeping. 

What Is a Comprehensive Dental Practice?

From regular cleanings to dental surgery, Green Grove Dental has it all. We have state-the-art equipment to provide our patients with the best treatments available. We are committed to making our patients feel comfortable and relaxed for the best dental experience anywhere. We care about our patients, not just providing services. We want you to feel good about yourself and your smile. 

If you need a dentist in St. Albert, call Green Grove Dental today to set up an appointment. 


Dentist In St Albert
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