Invisalign – The Clear Advantage From Your Dentist in St. Albert

Woman removes Invisalign aligners from mouth

As dentists in St. Albert, we want you to know that you have options if you believe your teeth aren’t lined up properly. Invisalign is the orthodontic treatment of choice for many of our patients at Green Grove Dental. Let us tell you why… A Clear Alternative To Braces Back in the day, braces resembled metal train tracks in your …

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Your Dentist In St. Albert Wants To Keep You Free Of Gum Disease!

Woman wraps dental floss around her finger

You may have periodontal (gum) disease and not even know it, and as your dentist in St. Albert, at Green Grove Dental we want to help you avoid the serious health implications that can come with untreated gum disease. We’re not trying to scare you, but … nearly half of adults have it. And many don’t know it. Also known as …

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Teeth Whitening From Your Dentist in St. Albert Is Just A Call Away

Newlyweds show their bright smiles

Do you avoid smiling around others? Are you worried people look at you differently because of your discoloured teeth? At Green Grove Dental, we know what that’s like. After all, as dentists in St. Albert, our job is to understand all of the different concerns you may have with the condition of your teeth – and the solutions available to …

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Your St. Albert Dentist Has An Important Message From Their Hygiene Team!

Woman swishes with mouthwash

At Green Grove Dental – your St. Albert dentists – we practice what we preach. Proof positive of our commitment to optimal preventive oral health care is our wonderful registered dental hygienists. Their goal is to help you to achieve and maintain the optimal oral health that supports a beautiful smile, through diagnostic assessment, prevention, and education. Here’s how your …

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Dental Crowns Can Protect And Reignite Your Smile

Wife feeds her husband a snack in the kitchen

At Green Grove Dental, many of our patients have had dental crowns (or crown & bridge treatment) to restore their beautiful smiles. But many haven’t, and we often get questions about what a crown is and why we would place one. We’re glad to take a moment today to give you a general overview and let you know why this …

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Dental Bonding For A Beautiful Smile

Couple hugs and smiles to reveal their beautiful smiles after dental bonding treatment

Your smile makes a statement – it speaks volumes without a single word being uttered. But if you’re unhappy with your teeth, you aren’t putting your best smile forward. One of the techniques we use as a dentist in St. Albert that repairs smiles with excellent results is dental bonding. It can beautifully transform imperfections and damage, helping you smile …

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Discover The Benefits Of Inlays And Onlays

Couple looks into each other's eyes while smiling after getting inlays and onlays

Have you ever heard someone mention dental inlays and onlays? If not, that’s OK! Many people are unfamiliar with this restorative treatment … until they visit us at Green Grove Dental, their St. Albert dentist. Some background … Gold inlays were primarily used to restore tooth structure affected by decay. Nowadays, they are used the same way but are available …

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Are You A Candidate For Dental Implants In St. Albert?

Middle-aged couple smiles wide to reveal their new dental implants

At Green Grove Dental, your dentist in St. Albert, we believe everyone deserves to experience life with a complete, healthy smile. That’s why we provide restorative dentistry, including dental implants – a revolutionary way to replace missing teeth. Because of this treatment, many people like you are proudly showing off their new and improved look and enjoying the everyday benefits …

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Dentist in St Albert Offers Technology For Your Comfort And Convenience

As a dentist in St Albert, at Green Grove Dental, we refuse to compromise on the level of quality care we offer. Part of that commitment is the use of diagnostic technologies because they provide many advantages for you – our valued patient. In this blog … I’ll talk about the technology that helps us better determine the state of …

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We Accept Your Dental Insurance … So You Can Get The Care You Need

As a dentist in St Albert, at Green Grove Dental, we don’t want anyone to put off their dental care because they don’t think they can afford it. Whether you have dental insurance coverage or not, we want you to be able to book your next appointment with confidence. In the dental industry, we know that people with dental insurance …

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