3 Dental Sedation Options From Your St. Albert Dentist’s Office

For some dental patients, thoughts of previous bad experiences remain. Other people expect pain and discomfort no matter who they see. For others, just the smell of a sterile office can be unsettling.

Did you know that up to 20% of patients are dental phobic? And at least 50% of people have qualms about dental visits? If you’re one of them, have a fearful family member, or know of someone who continually avoids “going to the dentist,” one of our dental sedation options may be the answer.

In one study, 90% of patients who experienced fearfulness about dentistry felt more comfortable with sedation. As a St. Albert dentist who always welcomes new patients and is passionate about helping our current patients-of-record, we look forward to making your visit to Green Grove Dental relaxing, comfortable, and memorable for all the right reasons.

Our team is proud to help put patients at ease with:

  • oral sedation
  • IV sedation
  • nitrous oxide (laughing gas).

About oral sedation

Oral sedation is a medication that reduces mild to moderate levels of anxiety and fear of dental care – ideal for adult patients who are dental phobic or whose anxiety level rises to uncomfortable levels at just the thought of “going to the dentist.” Oral sedation is usually administered in pill form, and it is available only with a prescription from us. The medication reduces and even eliminates anxiety and fear of dental visits.

How it makes dental patients feel

It will effectively relax you. You won’t be unconscious, so you can communicate effectively and easily follow instructions during your appointment. This is why oral sedation is often called “conscious sedation.” If you’re like many of our patients who find that, to their surprise and delight, they doze lightly in the dental chair, you’ll be very relaxed.

Other benefits of oral dental sedation include:

  • easily administered via a pill (no needles)
  • reduces memory of past dental treatments
  • increased comfort
  • increased sense of control over your fears
  • greater ease undergoing long treatments
  • reduced gag reflex
  • multiple procedures completed in fewer visits
  • safe & effective
  • amnesic effect.
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