Protect Your Teeth While Playing Sports With A Sports Mouthguard

At Green Grove Dental in St. Albert, we are proud to provide sports mouthguards to our patients. Sports mouthguards protect teeth and gums from injury during high-impact activities. Our experienced dental professionals will ensure the right fit while providing comfort and stability when you need it most.

What is involved in getting a custom-fitted sports mouthguard?

Getting a custom-fitted mouthguard is a quick and easy process that usually requires two visits. First, our dentist will take an impression of your teeth and send it to a laboratory where they will create your sports mouthguard. When you return to our office for your next appointment, the dentist will adjust it to ensure a snug fit.

What are the benefits of sports mouthguards?

Sports mouthguards can help prevent trauma to the teeth from high-impact sports such as football, basketball, boxing, and hockey. They can also offer protection against jaw fractures, concussions, and other facial and neck injuries and reduce the risk of lacerations and avulsions in the mouth.

Who should consider getting a sports mouthguard?

Anyone participating in contact or extreme sports should consider getting a custom-fitted sports mouthguard for added protection and peace of mind. Athletes at higher risk for facial trauma due to the nature of their activities should also consider a sports mouthguard.

Like helmets and gloves, sports mouthguards are an essential part of your sporting equipment. Contact Green Grove Dental today to discuss your options for custom-fitted sports mouthguards. We look forward to helping you stay protected during your favourite activities!


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  • Protect your teeth and gums from injuries
  • Avoid sudden dental emergencies
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  • Have peace of mind while playing sports
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